Liberate Your Enterprise

ERP Software and Payment Processing solutions 
 for the new economic paradigm

ERP Software

Payment Processing

Development Services


Run with your business

Multi Company

Manage one or more companies

on a single Paytoriate instance

Web Application

Cross platform app runs

on multiple devices

Flexible Hosting

Flexible deployment with

SaaS & On-Premise offerings


The place to pay

Payment Hardware

Paytoria PDA consumer device & Paytoria Terminal vendor device

Digital Currency

Send and receive

crypto & fiat payments

Payment Gateway

Conduct physical & digital

global transactions


Bespoke build to suit


Make your business software

work for your business


Modularly upgrade software &

service offerings as needed


Modullarly interface with

3rd party software APIs

Paytoriate ERP Software &
Paytoria Payment Processing  

Conglomerate class. Paytoriate ERP Software empowers your business with conglomerate class business management software for companies of varying sizes. Adaptive software that runs cross platform on any browser, within a private and secure hosting environment. 

Become a citizen. Paytoria Payment Processing compliments Paytoriate ERP Software, further empowering your business to conduct payments and transactions in a seamless total solution that includes a la carte software, hardware, network, and service.

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ERP Software with a modular and customizable framework that
is adaptable to your company needs without you having to be. 

Become a Paytoriate today – Enrollment means victory


Payment Processing for consumers and vendors with a keen focus on
user control that puts the payer in control of their payment methods.

Become a Paytoria citizen today – Subscription means citizenship

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Liberate your enterprise and become a Paytoriate today

Join us and your destiny will be complete

Paytoriate SaaS Plans


$ 2,500 .00

/ month
  • Base modules & features
  • 4 Compute workers
  • No customization
  • Email support


$ 4,500 .00

/ month
  • Expanded modules & features
  • 8 Compute workers
  • Limited customization
  • Email & 9-5/M-F toll-free support


$ 9,500 .00

/ month
  • All modules and features
  • 16 Compute workers
  • Unlimited customization
  • 24x7 toll-free support
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